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What Makes the Kitty Korner Door So Unique

What Makes the Kitty Korner Door So Unique? Everything.

Two-thirds (about 85M) of all households in the United States have at least one dog or cat. Many of us have multiple cats and dogs, of course, so the total number of American pet cats and pet dogs is somewhere north of 150 million. No wonder the pet business is thriving!

It’s a safe bet that if they could talk, every single one of those 150M canines and felines would tell us they dislike a closed door. Our pets like to come and go as they please, and that darn closed door presents a real problem for them. But sometimes the humans need the door shut. Whether it’s for privacy, aesthetics, climate control, kid control, or – sure enough – pet control, we occasionally require the option to keep a door closed.

The thing is – unless the door is closed for the very reason of keeping pets out or in – humans generally don’t mind if the cat or dog has the freedom to pass through the door. And thus… the pet door was invented. With the right cat door or doggie door in place, we don’t have to get out of bed or off the couch to let our pets in or out. Genius!

But there are a couple of recurring concerns that pet owners cite about pet doors:

  • Pet doors are ugly! Sure, it’s useful but I don’t like how my house looks with a big hole in one of the doors.
  • Pet doors are permanent! Yes, it’s handy when I want my cat to roam around the house but what about when I need to keep her where she is?
  • Pet doors change the aesthetics of my home! Of course it’s nice “hiding” the litter box behind a closed door, but what about when I have company or want to sell my house?
Those are all legitimate concerns. Cutting a hole in any door inside your home permanently changes the look and feel of your living space. When you’ve got a pet-hole in your door, it tells the world your pets run your household. Now, if we’re being honest, no less than half of those 85 million pet-owning households would admit – with our without a pet door – their pets rule the roost! There’s nothing wrong with that – after all, our pets are truly family.
But what if you could have the best of all worlds? Could there truly be a pet door that is neither ugly nor permanent and that does not change your home’s aesthetic?
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Kitty Korner Door has you covered in every way. It’s literally a nonpermanent pet door:
  • When you lock it open, your cat or small dog can come and go as they please. But the bigger dogs and crawling toddlers – the types of creatures that might like to go digging in a litter box! – are stuck on the outside looking in.
  • When it’s closed, your door looks just like it did before you created that pet-friendly passageway. Your aesthetic is restored and there’s nothing ugly to see.
And our patented SlideLock™hinge makes it all possible. In fact, let’s explore that hinge and what makes it so unique. After all, we’ve heard people say, Why do I need a Kitty Korner Door kit? Can’t I just go to the hardware store to buy a piano hinge? The short answer is no, you can’t – we wouldn’t have a patent if that was the case. Allow us to explain…

What makes the Kitty Korner Door so unique is that, as mentioned above, it locks in place in either the open or the closed position. Unlike a simple piano hinge, it has a spring-loaded tongue-and-groove feature that locks it in place.

At Kitty Korner, we like to say Slide it, Flip it, Lock it. And what that really means is you slide it backwards to get the tongues out of their grooves, you flip it (up or down), and then you lock it by simply releasing the spring-load so the tongues return to their grooves. In other words, when it’s in the open position, it’s staying there. Perhaps most importantly, when it’s in the closed position only a dextrous human with opposable thumbs can open it.

The Kitty Korner Door is rich with features:
  • Our patented SlideLock™ hinge is stainless steel.
  • It’s made in America.
  • It eliminates all the potential concerns pet owners have about interior pet doors because it is not ugly, is hardly noticeable when closed, and doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of your home.
While those are all excellent selling points, we think this one might be best: our patented SlideLock™ hinge – in all of it’s stainless steel, made in America, tongue-in-groove glory – is less than an ⅛” thick in the closed position. What that means to you is that when you close it – perhaps because guests are coming or you’re trying to sell your house – you don’t even notice it unless you’re actually looking for it. So there you have it: a pet door that doesn’t compromise your home’s aesthetics. The amazing patented tongue-and-groove SlideLock™ hinge – giving you the option of locking it open or closed based on need – is what makes this product so effective and so unique. There’s simply no other pet door on the market that so completely addresses every potential need and all possible pain points.

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