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Six Awesome Cat Towers

Six Awesome Cat Towers

Most cat lovers know that toys for our felines are a bit of a crapshoot – you never really know for sure what might interest them. In our house, for example, we have about 100 different plastic balls, feather teasers, scratch pads, and cloth mice, all of which collect dust in a basket. We pull them out once in a while only to enjoy maybe 15 seconds of kitty playtime before she shuns them with an attitude that’s a cross between general boredom and ruthless contempt.
Cat towers, on the other hand, typically have some staying power, if for no other reason than cats enjoy higher elevations – the operative word being tower. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can go to your local pet store and drop a cool $100 on a decent cat tower with several carpeted platforms at various heights. It’ll probably include a couple of scratch pads and might even have a ball hanging from a string that your cat will dutifully ignore.

Fortunately, cat lovers are not limited to what we find on the shelf at Pets R Us. The internet gives us access to a nearly limitless array of stunning and amazing and sometimes crazy cat towers. We were recently in the market for a new one and, oh boy, did we end up going down an online rabbit hole. Three hours later, we still hadn’t clicked “Buy Now,” but we had certainly seen all that the world wide web has to offer. We thought it’d be fun to share a few of our favorites. Enjoy!


1#. From Korea with Love

This is a compilation of incredible cat towers from Korea. We love the sleek, clean designs and the natural wood. Best of all: the cat-sized hamster wheels that actually spin. I’m not convinced our girl would use it for her daily exercise, but if she did I think I could probably watch her for hours. When you consider that laser pointers can entertain cats for long stretches, just imagine what a spinning wheel might do for them!

#2. Cat Tower or Artistic Expression?

The typical cat tower isn’t necessarily pretty or decorative. You want it in the living room or family room so your pet can hang out with you, but it isn’t necessarily the best look. But the good folks at Meowingtons have developed a series of products that will look very much right at home in the human living space. Feline artistry – and a conversation piece to boot!

#3. The Crazy Cat Man?

Nobody is unfamiliar with the concept of the “crazy cat lady,” right? As the cliche goes, it’s an older, unmarried woman who lives alone and has about a gazillion cats. What we fail to recognize is that there are just as many “crazy cat guys” – for example, a lad from Connecticut who built his cats a one-of-a-kind cat… well… village, for lack of a better word. Check it out and tell us you don’t want the same for your feline companion(s). OK, maybe he’s a little crazy?

#4. Unmatched Climbing Power

If you don’t have a cat of your own (and are you seriously reading this blogpost if you don’t??), you may not know that cats who have not been declawed (please don’t!) can essentially climb a brick wall. The power of their nails is something to behold! Nevertheless, most cat towers include a scratch ramp – a simple 45-degree uphill board covered in something their nails grab onto. The problem? A 45-degree climb for a cat with nails is like asking Rafael Nadal to return a serve from the kid who just barely made the JV squad on the high school team tennis team. C’mon, cats like a challenge! And these towers from the UK don’t play… try 80-degrees, try 90-degrees, try upside-down climbing! Honestly, give your cat something to aspire to!

#5. Ummm… is this Art Deco?

Honestly, friends, we’re not even sure what this is… post-modern expressionism? Impressionist? Minimalism? Who knows and who cares? We came across it and were awestruck. It could be a cat tower, it could be a hunting stand, it could be a piece for the mantle. WE. DON’T. KNOW. All we can be sure of is that they put a handsaw in the picture – presumably to provide scale – but we’re not convinced that’s not a keychain-sized saw! Bottom line? It’s something to consider… at least we think? ‘Spose it depends on your cat?

#6. At Long Last, Something for Every Cat!

We’re not even sure there’s anything particularly special on this site. It just seemed like a good note on which to close… there are lots of pretty cool options. This site has about everything.

Let’s Be Done...

There you have it, friends… some of the craziest stuff we could find while looking for a simple living room-friendly cat tower. We never pulled the trigger on any of them! But we do know one thing for certain – if you made it this far, you’re a true fan and you’re deeply interested in our Kitty Korner Door. Check it out!

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