Kitty Korner Cat Door – SlideLock Hinge


Kitty Korner™ is an easy-to-install interior pet door. Our DIY kit make a single straight cut and attach our patented SlideLock™ hinge to any existing solid or hollow interior door.

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Product Details

The heavy-duty stainless steel SlideLock™ hinge is made in America and has a spring-loaded tongue-and-groove feature that locks it securely open or closed. In fact, at Kitty Korner™, we like to say Slide it, Flip it, Lock it. . When locked open, it’s staying there; when locked closed, your cat cannot get through.

The hinge dimensions are 14” x 2”. Once mounted and locked in the open position, it creates a 10” x 14” x 10” triangle-shaped corner flap pet door opening. In the closed position, the hinge is miraculously less than an ⅛” thick.

Kitty Korner Door empowers you to make a small modification to any inside door, giving you an interior cat door without sacrificing privacy or aesthetics. Importantly, it either fixes or prevents every potential pet owner’s pain point. Check it out:

Is your cat toilet (litter box) on display inside the house for everyone to see?

Nope, with Kitty Korner Door, it’s now behind a closed door, hidden to everyone except the cat.

Is this an expensive way to hide the litter box?

Nope, Kitty Korner Door is less than $40.

Are you creating a permanent hole in the door that forever sacrifices your privacy and the aesthetics of your home?

Nope, it closes and locks in less than 2 seconds – and when closed, you won’t even notice it..

Is your cat meowing or scratching at the door?

Nope, when the Kitty Korner Door is locked open, the cat is free to come and go.

Is your dog helping himself to the contents of the cat’s litter box?

Nope, even when the Kitty Korner Door is locked open, medium-sized (and larger) dogs can’t get through.

Is your crawling toddler treating the litter box like an indoor sandbox?

Nope, no human is getting through the small opening of the Kitty Korner Door.