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Kitty Korner Door Featured in Local Magazine

Hello friends, customers, followers, and supporters of Kitty Korner Door! We’ve got some really cool news to share with all of you, and what better way to spread the cheer than our Kitty Korner Blog? OK, drum roll, please…
Our business was recently featured in Lake Minnetonka Lifestyle magazine! That’s right, Jason and Tim were both interviewed for the spotlight piece about our business, the innovative pet door product we sell, and the story of how Kitty Korner Door came to be. It’s a lighthearted and fun read, so we hope you’ll take a couple minutes to check us out – we’re on pages 18-21 of the August issue, which is devoted to Kids & Pets.
A big shout out to Hannah Harms at City Lifestyle for the great article – THANK YOU, HANNAH! She managed to cover all the basics of our patented pet door: hiding the litter box, easy to install, maintaining the look of your home, managing allergies, and keeping pets and homeowners safe and happy!
If you live on or near Lake Minnetonka, we highly recommend Lake Minnetonka Lifestyle magazine – it’s full of useful information about the happenings in Minnetonka, Wayzata, Excelsior, and the other communities in the area. Plus, they like to shine the light on local small businesses, which we certainly appreciate.
Hey, please help us continue bringing awareness to this great product by sharing this post. We appreciate it – and YOU!

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Lock it up or down in seconds. It locks securely and firmly in both the up and down positions. And when down, maintain your door’s original appearance without cutting circular holes. 



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