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At Kitty Korner Door, we sell a product designed to improve the lives of pets and owners – especially owners who have both cats and dogs. Kitty Korner™ is an easy-to-install pet door that lets your little fuzzy friends roam freely throughout your home! Our DIY kit comes with simple instructions to cut and attach our patented SlideLock™ hinge (it LOCKS up or down) to any existing interior door. It is easy and only requires one straight cut.

We are Looking for Strong Partners

Kitty Korner is an ingenious new product that our customers rave about. We are looking for fellow pet lovers to help get the word out about it – and that is where the Affiliate Program comes into play.
If you think your followers might see the value in a new innovative pet door solution and you are looking for a way to monetize your follower base, Kitty Korner might be a great affiliate partner for you. We are a small family-owned business that sells a made-in-America product and we ought to be partners!

Why Our Solution is So Popular

Here are the angles of advantage that resonate best with our customers:
#1. Cat meowing and scratching at the door?
Nope, kitty is free to quietly come and go!
#2. Dog bellying up to the litter box bar?
Nope, doggy is not free to come and go!
#3. A gross indoor cat toilet for everyone to see?
Nope, now it’s behind a closed door!
#4. An expensive way to hide the litter box?
Nope, it’s less than $50!

The Kitty Korner Door Affiliate Program - How it Works

We have several different options within our Affiliate Program. If you feel like Kitty Korner could be a good fit for you and your followers, just fill out the Affiliate Program Inquiry Form below and we will review to see what mutually beneficial possibilities might exist between us.

Option 1

Social Media Posting

Approved partners who share a story/post – on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest – that features Kitty Korner Door can earn a flat fee. And we are ready to help you craft an exciting and impactful message.

Need help with Kitty Korner content?

We are happy to provide you with additional information and/or pre-written posts for your blog. Inquire with us for specifics.

Option 2

Live Streaming

Approved partners who live stream a review, recommendation, or personal experience with Kitty Korner can earn a flat fee or commission compensation dependent upon content, length, message, and viewership. Kitty Korner is available to help with ideation and content development. For authenticity, we require live streamers to be pet owners with actual experience with the Kitty Korner product.

Option 3

Trades, In-Kind and Mutually Beneficial Exchanges

We love working with businesses and influencers who share our passion for pets. If you think you or your product would be mutually beneficial to Kitty Korner and that we would make great advocates for one another, please inquire about exchanging posts, stories, recommendations, links, or other potential opportunities to partner. We can bring our followers and customers to your site, too!

Affiliate Program Inquiry Form