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Come here to discover all things feline: everything from best practices for animal care to you-won’t-believe-what-happened pet tales, from the seriously educational to the silly and fun, and from expert information to amateur cat photography. Here, we have a good time but we never take our cats for granted!

Cute ’n’ Funny Cat Videos We Can't Stop Watching

Cute ’n’ Funny Cat Videos We Can't Stop Watching

Remember America’s Funniest Home Videos!?! We anxiously awaited each week to see the crazy stuff people happened to catch on camera (or purposely posed)… either way, it was always worth lots of laughs. Sometimes the videos were cute, sometimes hilarious, but always must-see TV.
Nowadays, we don’t have to wait for Sunday nights because we can watch millions of videos on demand with just the click of a mouse or a simple hey Google, show me funny cat videos. And there are some doozies! For example, our first video is: what’s the deal with cats and cucumbers?

Anyway, if you’re following our account, you’re probably a cat lover – just like us. Kitty Korner Door makes the best cat door on the market – please check it out. And in the meantime, enjoy these next 8 videos.

Falling Asleep Sitting Up

How cute are little kitties when they are falling asleep sitting up? Speaking only for ourselves, we certainly weren’t that cute trying to stay awake in 1st-period Biology class!

Who Needs Toys When You Have Tape?

The thing about cats is you can have all the coolest toys and the grandest toys, but nothing beats a rubber band on the floor or a piece of tape hanging off a desk

Gag Reflex Compilation

We tried to avoid the compilation videos, but some are just too good. These gag-reflex reactions are so funny!

Watching Television

Kitty feels camaraderie with most of her fellow species, but when the king of the jungle shows up, watch out! (Just watch the first ten seconds.)

Pet Camaraderie

How great are cats and dogs together? If you’re not a cat owner, you may not know what’s happening at the beginning of this video. When they were kittens, cats would knead the mother’s teats to squeeze the milk out. It is thought that when they do this as adults, it is a throwback to their kitten nursing days and is performed only when a cat feels completely safe and loved. Now that you know, watch the video again… cute enough? OMG.

Humor in Slow-mo

Again, we tried to avoid long compilations, but some are just too precious. The slow-motion videos in this one just slay us.

We Can’t Stop Giggling

And finally, could we close on a better note? Watch this one and tell us cats aren’t the funniest pets ever?

Time to Install a Kitty Korner Door!

So, what’s the point of sharing our favorite cat videos? Well, did you smile? We hope so, and that was goal #1. Goal #2 is this: don’t you want to keep your loveable little monster (kitty/cat) happy and safe?  Of course, you do. And the best way is to get a Kitty Korner Door to give them freedom, safety, comfort, and love.
As a quick side note, did you know we have the absolute best cat door on the market? It features our one-of-a-kind, patented hinge that can be added to any existing interior door, hollow or solid; it locks securely and firmly in both the up and down positions – when up, your cat has freedom to come and go; and when down, it maintains your door’s original appearance without cutting circular holes. Yeah, it’s quite awesome.

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Attach our one-of-a-kind, patented hinge to any existing interior door, hollow or solid. 

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