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Logo for Kitty Korner Cat door flap with a hinge
Logo for Kitty Korner Cat door flap with a hinge

Introducing Kitty Korner™ An All-New Cat Door Conversion Kit




Now Your Kitty Can Roam Freely

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Locks Open. Locks Closed.

Attach our one-of-a-kind, patented SlideLock™ hinge to any existing interior door, hollow or solid. 

Lock it up or down in seconds. It locks securely and firmly in both the up and down positions. And when down, maintain your door’s original appearance without cutting circular holes. 

Snaps Securely In Place

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Lets Your Kitties Move All Around

Kitty Korner™ is an easy-to-install pet door that lets your little fuzzy friends roam freely throughout your home!

Our Do-It-Yourself kit comes with simple instructions to cut and attach our patented SlideLock™ hinge to any existing interior door. It’s easy, with only one cut required. 

We all know cats love their privacy and getaways, so letting  your precious feline roam free throughout your home is great… But you’ll also be able to keep out household burglars of food and litter presents. 

Get Your Kitties In Order

With the Kitty Korner
Made in the USA Using Only

High Quality Materials

Each and every Kitty Korner™ is made here in America using the highest quality components. 

Heavy-duty stainless steel is our only option to deliver a safe pet door. 

Our patented latch system keeps your Kitty Korner™ locked door securely in place, open or closed.

The Kitty Korner is awesome! LARGE CAT APPROVED. Keeps my dog out of the cat box!
Rachel Johnson
This is an Amazing invention. Allows Cats to have their own space without leaving door partially open... Keeps dogs and little kids out too! Love this design, very nice looking!
Wendy Harrington
Seattle, WA
Worst idea ever. The cats already think they run this place.
So brilliant! I really could’ve used this when I had my two elderly kitties. my dog would bombard them and eat their food and litter box...agh! love this idea!
Brittney Anderson
Chanhassen, MN
I can’t believe how easy this was to install and how much my kitty loves it! So much better than a cat door. Thank you!!
Jackie Thacker
Sundown, NV
So you want a Kitty Korner? Great!

Now, let's determine
which hinge kit you need...

Door Knob
Order a Kitty Korner Cat Door - SlideLock Hinge - LEFT
Door Knob
Order a Kitty Korner Cat Door - SlideLock Hinge - RIGHT
Our Do-It-Yourself Kit Makes Door Conversion Simple

One Straight Cut

Included in your Kitty Korner™ Kit is a template to make the perfect cut, every time. 

Each kit contains a template you tape to your door, the SlideLock™ hinge and easy-to-follow instructions to walk you through the process. 


The Kitty Korner opening is approximately 10” X 14” X 10”
The feedback we have received is that nearly all cats fit comfortably. One method customers use to verify before purchasing is to cut a comparable-sized hole (10” X 14” X 10”) in a cardboard box and put their cat inside to see how easily they can pass through.
The Kitty Korner is designed to work on hollow core doors.
The Kitty Korner is designed to work on solid core doors.
Short answer is yes but requires ordering the opposite Kitty Korner swing from the door’s swing. The customer will also need to make a small modification to the door’s jamb.
Kitty Korner will refund full purchase price, minus shipping, for any reason for requests made within 30 days of receipt of product. Upon request, Kitty Korner will also perform exchanges for the cost of shipping for any mistaken orders due to incorrect door swing.
A corner flap is ideal because it is the only diy cat door option that requires just a single cut, whereas a flap in the middle of a door forces you to make multiple precision cuts for it to function properly. There’s also the visual consideration: a closed corner flap is nearly unidentifiable compared to any kind of center-cut permanent or temporary flap.

Start by purchasing a Kitty Korner cat door, as not every interior cat door is easy to install. Next, watch our video or read our blog for step-by-step instructions on how to install a cat door.

You will see lots of cat door options on the internet, but there’s only one Kitty Korner Door. It’s our patented SlideLock™ hinge that makes it all possible. Unlike a simple piano hinge, it has a spring-loaded tongue-and-groove feature that locks it in place. We like to say Slide it, Flip it, Lock it. And what that really means is you slide it backwards to get the tongues out of their grooves, you flip it (up or down), and then you lock it by simply releasing the spring-load so the tongues return to their grooves.

Kitty Korner ships six days a week (Mon. through Sat.) minus national holidays.  Kitty Korner charges $5.99 per unit shipping and handling. Kitty Korner’s average shipping time is 4 to 5 business days. 

Kitty Corner and Cat Corner are terms that are synonymous with Kitty Korner Door. Our product is unique in that it creates a corner flap in your door that locks in either the open or closed position. When open, your cat (or other small pets) can freely come and go. When locked, no pets can get through and your door looks just like it did before you added the door!
The Kitty Korner is designed for interior home doors. It is not recommended that a Kitty Korner be mounted on an exterior door. In addition to potential security concerns most exterior doors are fire rated doors.